Why is Sony Patenting a Thing to Test Our Saliva Content?

By Charles Webb


Eurogamer spotted a 2012 patent making the rounds on NeoGaf that makes us wonder why Sony cares about the composition of our spit.

The October 2012 patent by SCEA research engineer Dr. Ozlem Kalinli-Akbacak seeks to track emotional changes via the composition of our saliva. “Emotion recognition or understanding the mood of the user is important and beneficial for many applications; including games, man-machine interface etc.,” according to the patent, hinting at devices, games, and applications that would theoretically be responsible to our changing moods (provided you want to wear a mouth guard).

The tech sounds fascinating if a little impractical, requiring sensors on the user’s finger, a band around chest, and the mouth bit in order to gauge changes in their mood (similar to a lie detector).

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