Wearables and Rolling Things: Previewing International CES 2014

By Perry Michael Simon

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 5.35.19 PM

Previewing International CES — that’s the official name, and woe be it unto anyone who merely calls it “CES” or “The Consumer Electronics Show” — requires taking a stab at what the overriding theme of the year will be. In recent years, we kinda knew what we’d be getting, whether it was The Year of 3-D TV or The Year of the Connected Car or The Year of 4K Ultra HDTV (they overlapped, but you get the idea). This year, the phrase being repeated over and over is “The Internet of Things,” meaning connected-everything. Every device, from wearables to sports gear, will connect and report and interact. That’s the goal, at least, because they can’t really figure out what else they can sell you that you don’t already have or need to replace. It’s not a new idea, and a lot of this has been shown in previous years, so much so that it doesn’t seem new even though most of us don’t have Bluetooth golf clubs yet. It’s not revolutionary so much as a collective prayer that you’ll want this. If the industry’s goal is to have everything on Earth connected to the Internet, well, that’s been the goal …read more

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