Watch the Trailer for INTRAMURAL, A Sports Movie Parody For The Ages

By Jake Kroeger

Almost 100% of the time, sports movies are about professional sports, or, at the very least, sports with animals magically playing despite being without opposable thumbs or any sense of what’s going on. Intramural sports, a level of play that’s more attainable for the non-athlete, is almost never the focus of a sports movie. Luckily, the sports parody movie Intramural, directed by Andrew Disney (not related to THAT Disney, as far as I can tell) and written by Bradley Jackson, is here to change that.

Featuring a cast of Saturday Night Live‘s Kate McKinnon, Jay Pharoah, Beck Bennett, BriTANick‘s Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher, Nick Rutherford (part of sketch group Good Neighbor) with Bennett, hilarious author/comedian DC Pierson, and Sam Eidson from our own Zero Charisma, Intramural has the makings to be the Airplane! of sports movies.

Just watch the trailer to see exactly what I’m talking about, then, if you’re at the Tribeca Film Festival in New Yorl this month, you can catch its premiere April 19th.

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Source: Nerdist



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