Top 10: A Music Geek’s Favorite Albums of 2013

By Matt Grosinger


This August I met Sky Ferreira and was waaaaay happier about it than she was (see picture). I was at a DIIV concert (they made this list last year) when I spotted her in the crowd as she watched her boyfriend perform aloofly in oversized jean overalls onstage. I tried to make sentences come out of my mouth, but all I managed were sheepish compliments about her performance at Pitchfork Festival earlier in the summer. It was an awesome moment that will never happen again, and one that I and that photobombing troll won’t soon forget.

For the past three or so years, I have hated going to concerts. I preferred the solitary experience of staying at home, queuing up a new playlist, album, or stream, and then flipping the switch on my noise-cancelling headphones, and zoning out. But gradually, the noise started to seep back in. Algorithms on every platform were telling me what I should be listening to before I was even halfway through trying to enjoy what I was already listening to. My open tabs became a to-do list. In short, this began to annoy the shit out of me.

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