Tina Majorino on the Friendships of VERONICA MARS

By Rachel Heine

Tina Majorino

One of Veronica Mars fans’ most cherished friendships is the one she struck with the brilliant hacker and computer expert, Mac (Tina Majorino). As the sardonic computer whiz, Mac was not simply someone who helped Veronica with some of her tougher cases, she was a true friend. Mac was unabashedly herself, and though she suffered through a lot over the course of the show, she was one of a few characters to match Veronica’s wit, brains, and guts.

That’s why we were beyond pleased when we saw that not only was Tina Majorino returning to reprise her role as Mac, she was returning with a seriously badass haircut. We spoke with Majorino at the Veronica Mars SXSW premiere to found out what she thought of her character’s arc.

Given that her nickname stemmed from her knack for Apple computers, it’s no surprise that Mac was on the cutting edge of technology back in Veronica Mars‘ heyday. In the film, Mac has used her hacker skills to land a high-paying gig at Kane Software. “She was a hacker back in the day, but she’s taken it to a whole other level… obviously she’s smart and she’s rebellious and she likes to …read more

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