The Biggest Happenings in Comedy Right Now 3/29/14

By Jake Kroeger


Facebook drones, Gwyneth Paltrow-Chris Martin “uncoupling”, more Chris Christie “Bridgegate” controversy… they’ve all littered the headlines over the last week, and while all of those have varying degrees of importance in your life (i.e., probably not that much unless you’re Coldplay’s biggest fan in New Jersey), there was so much else going on as well. In comedy alone, The Onion and A.V. Club are putting on their own comedy festival, Archer is going back to its roots in spying, Dave Chappelle is officially getting back on stage yet again, and more.

Catch up with all the comedy news this week before you catch up on everything else (or after if you prefer) with The Biggest Happenings in Comedy Right Now.

-The Onion/A.V. Club are putting on The 1st Annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival in Chicago this Summer.

-A new Chech and Chong movie is in the works with director Jay Chandrasekhar.

-Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is under way for its 4th season.

-T.I. joins cast of Will Ferrell-Kevin Hart comedy Get Hard.

-Ricky Gervais making David Brent rock mockumentary.

-Showtime’s Shameless to be considered for comedy categories for the Emmys instead of ones for drama.

-Nick Frost and Justin Long …read more

Source: Nerdist


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