Spend President’s Day with Titus Welliver on Amazon’s BOSCH

By Clarke Wolfe

Titus Welliver is a busy man. As an actor, it seems as though he’s done it all, having appeared on film, television and stage, and the Argo actor is streaming instantly on all of your devices in the title role of Amazon’s new pilot Bosch, based on Michael Connelly’s detective novels. Nerdist spoke with star Titus Welliver about his hopes for the detective, his incredible co-stars, and what to expect if the show goes to series.

As part of Amazon’s new batch of web content, which go to series based on user votes and comments, Bosch currently stands ranked at 4.7 out of 5 stars. Welliver says, “The fans have really rallied for all of us. For Michael Connolly, for Eric Overmyer (Treme, The Wire), for fans of my work, for fans of the cast’s work. They’re really, really being supportive, and I have to say they’re really, really touched by, and filled with gratitude by, how much they’ve shown up and (have been) getting out there for the cause.”

Another impressive feat for the Amazon pilot is the cast. In addition to Welliver, Bosch features Scott Wilson (The Walking Dead), Jamie Hector, Amy Aquino, and Amy Price-Francis. Says Welliver, “I am …read more

Source: Nerdist


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