Sex Nerd Sandra #136: Sex Work with Siouxsie Q plus Matt Kirshen!

By Katie Levine

USING SEX TO SELL SEX! Sex worker, podcaster, and writer Siouxsie Q sets Sandra straight on the sex industry. Comedian and podcaster Matt Kirshen shares surprising insight into sex work, comedy, and the universe. TOPICS: Bad Day at Work, Lusty Lady, Whorientation, Firefly‘s Inara, Good vs. Bad Sex Work, Politics, Human Rights, Emotional Health, Violence & Exploitation, The Happy Hooker Notion, Selling Sex, Annie Sprinkle, Companion Services, Self-Care, “Prostitute,” Choice and Coercion, Criminalizing the Job, “Johns,” Slixa, Better Crime Fighting.

About Siouxsie Q:

Sex worker, podcaster, columnist, and playwright: Siouxsie Q is a jack of all trades. Her weekly podcast, The WhoreCast, and her SF Weekly column The Whore Next Door strive to humanize sex workers by sharing their stories, art and voices. Over the past year, Siouxsie Q has been a guest expert for the Savage Love column, interviewed Ira Glass, and starred in her hit original play Fish Girl. Siouxsie Q, simply put, is a sex worker super hero dedicated to fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Whore.

About Matt Kirshen:

London born Matt Kirshen’s precision wit has earned him an impressive reputation on the international comedy circuit. Most recently his …read more

Source: Nerdist



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