Sean Pertwee Sure Is Looking Snazzy As The Next Alfred Pennyworth In FOX’s GOTHAM

By Merrill Barr


First there was Jim Gordon, then Harvey Bullock, followed by some excellent young Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Now today, we get our first look at one of the most famous butlers in comic book history thanks to Fox, this time played by Sean Pertwee in the Jim Gordon origin series Gotham.

That is one fine looking surrogate father, if I do say so myself. Whether or not Pertwee can top the current front-runner for best live action Alfred in Michael Caine is anyone’s guess, but thus far the man is off to a classy start.

Filming of the first episode of the series, which has already been ordered for 13 episodes, is currently underway and will premiere this fall on Fox.

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Source: Nerdist


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