By Kyle Anderson

Vampire Lovers 7

I’ve made no secret, or tried for that matter, of the fact that my favorite horror movies as a rule were made in the ’50s and ’60s by Hammer Films of Britain. They were known for their mid-to-low budget Gothic stories, complete with period costumes, Bavarian-style settings, young lasses with heaving bosoms, and lots of Day-Glo blood (known as “Kensington Gore”). During this period of time, the studio produced dozens of vampire pictures and many involving Christopher Lee’s nearly-mute version of Dracula. However, by the late-’60s, the studio’s popularity was fading, as horror became grittier and the gore more explicit. Knowing they couldn’t compete with that level of grue, they decided to drastically heighten the other reason people watched their movies: all the attractive, big-breasted women. The first of their new nudity-filled horror shows came in 1970 with The Vampire Lovers.

Yes, they certainly went full-bore with this new kind of adult horror. Based on Sheridan Le Fanu’s pre-Dracula vampire story Carmilla, The Vampire Lovers became the first of a very loose trilogy surrounding the immortal and evil Karnstein clan and their young and voluptuous daughter, Mircalla, alternately known as Carmilla or Marcilla, depending on what …read more

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