Schlock & Awe: THE ASPHYX

By Kyle Anderson

Asphyx 6

’70s horror films are possibly my favorite kind of horror. There was a sensationalism about them and a desire to push the envelope that I find incredibly enjoyable. One of my other favorite horror varieties is the Hammer Film series of British drawing room horror, generally set in Victorian England, with lavish costumes, gloomy air, and posh language. Put both of these sensibilities together and you get Peter Newbrook’s 1972 film, The Asphyx, a film that was not made by Hammer Films, but sticks very close to their style. The Asphyx does not have the best special effects, even for the era, but it does have a compelling and interesting conceit that hasn’t been done much, before or since: that science can isolate the “spirit of the dead” and thereby create immortality. It’s also got one hell of a cool trailer:

In 1875 England, a scientist, Sir Hugo Cunningham (Robert Stephens), brings his new bride-to-be, Anna (Fiona Walker), home to meet his adult children, Clive (Ralph Arliss), Christina (Jane Lapotaire), and his adopted son Giles (Robert Powell). Something Hugo has as yet neglected to tell Anna is that he photographs the recently deceased for research purposes. …read more

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