Rumor: Disney/Lucasfilm To Recast Indiana Jones…With Bradley Cooper?

By Eric Diaz


The master rumor mavens over at Latino Review have dropped another doozy of a rumor today, and one that really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. According to their latest report, Disney/Lucasfilm is looking to go the James Bond route and recast Indiana Jones for an all new trilogy. There is still a small possibility that Harrison Ford could return, but the window for him playing Dr. Jones again is getting smaller and smaller with each day. Disney/Lucasfilm are said to be looking at tons of actors, and while the report stresses that no deals have been made to anyone, one of the actors at the top of the list is said to be Bradley Cooper. Cooper is one of the biggest male stars in Hollywood right now without a major franchise (and Rocket Raccoon doesn’t count…yet) and he could do the part justice. There could be worse choices, although an unknown shouldn’t be ruled out.

While I am usually against rebooting franchises just for the sake of doing it, in my opinion, Indiana Jones is long overdue for a reboot. Or, should I say, a simple recasting (and definitely not a remake of an existing film; I …read more

Source: Nerdist


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