Rosetta Stone Klingon Now On ThinkGeek

By Kristen Rutherford

There are languages that are easy to learn, and those that are difficult. In the latter category, Klingon might be one of the most difficult, and that could put you in great danger if you don’t get things just right and somehow declare war instead of asking where the nearest restroom might be. And that is why our friends at ThinkGeek have arranged with the creators of Rosetta Stone to offer for the very first time a complete Rosetta Stone home language course in Klingon.

For just $269.99, you’ll get a crash course in conversational Klingon that will help you survive… er, negotiate tricky situations and tour the universe without being misunderstood. In a press release, ThinkGeek and Rosetta Stone tell you what comes in the box and what you can do with it:

• Everything you need for conversational Klingon

• Compatible with Windows XP+ and OS X+

• Requires CD

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