By Witney Seibold

Vampire Academy clever

Mark Waters’ Vampire Academy is yet another YA fantasy adaptation, a genre that – it seems to me – is finally on the wane. When the Twilight series came to a close, and Harry Potter was long gone, the magic-heavy, chosen-one-centric, teen-intended genre of angsty young people entering a secret world of spells and monsters finally started to contract. There are two remaining films in the Hunger Games series, and they’ll make enough money, but I sense – in films like the upcoming Divergent – that audiences are through. It seems to me like YA movies have explored everything they can. Like the superhero genre, all we can hope for at this point is a few entertaining films that repeat what we’ve seen in a perhaps entertaining way.

I’m happy to report that Vampire Academy is actually a pretty fun little flick that shoots for flip and actually lands there. Indeed, while something like the lugubrious The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones tries really, really hard to look likes its all sexed up and subversive, Vampire Academy actually does feel a little bit naughty. When the story occasionally slows down for the teen characters to have real conversations about real high …read more

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