By Witney Seibold

Under the Skin mirror

Quiet and contemplative, Under the Skin is a great, involving, chilled analysis of the body and sci-fi in a way we haven’t had before.

Here is the undeniable fact about Scarlett Johansson: We all like looking at her. Often called one of the most beautiful actresses working, Johansson possesses an old-world Hollywood sultriness that ensures she’ll never be hurting for work. Not all directors, however, really know what to do with her, and she’s often saddled with roles that do not play to her strengths. In Under the Skin, not only does Johansson create a new kind of character of herself, but the type of character she plays seems to be in a reflective state of its own beauty. When Johansson appears fully frontally nude in this film (and yes, her nude scenes are numerous), it’s less to provoke and titillate as it is to contemplate and consider. We’ve always looked at this woman, but how often have we really thought about the way we look at her? This is a film that looks at a nude woman with biological curiosity more than prurience.

And even though Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin is ostensibly a sci-fi film about an alien being preying …read more

Source: Nerdist


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