Review: SHE-HULK #1

By Eric Diaz


I’ll be the first to admit, I like She-Hulk a lot better than I do HULK-Hulk. To be fair, I always lean towards the female counterparts of well established male superheroes anyway. Barbara Gordon/Batgirl is a million times more relatable than Bruce Wayne is, Carol Danvers long ago eclipsed the male Captain Marvel in importance, recently just flat-out replacing him and his role in the Marvel universe, and Supergirl wore awesome hot pants and a choker in the seventies (sometimes the reasons are shallow.) She-Hulk is on that same tip; where her cousin Bruce Banner is brooding and repressed, Jennifer Walters is sassy and vibrant; where Bruce is usually a loner, Jennifer Walters is a joiner, and has been a member of every major Marvel team minus the X-Men (who she did legally represent once…does that count?). At the end of the day, She-Hulk is really just way more fun.

The first issue of the new She-Hulk series finds Jennifer Walters at her current law firm in New York, Paine & Luckberg, where she’s become the firm’s shining star. Or at least Jen thinks that’s what she is; the senior partners at the firm aren’t very happy that she hasn’t been …read more

Source: Nerdist


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