By Witney Seibold

Sabotage team

Director David Ayer is proving to be increasingly adept at character work, but the plot of Sabotage is too dumb and opaque to recommend the film.

Director David Ayer and I have something of a tempestuous relationship. For several years – following his first two films Harsh Times and Street Kings – I was very negative about his output, assuming that he was only capable of thuddingly overblown crime dramas about corrupt cops; some of Christian Bale’s speeches in the little-seen Harsh Times skirt dangerously close to camp. I’m also (and please, no hate) not the biggest fan of the Oscar-winning hit Training Day, which I know is beloved by many. But then in 2012, Ayer made good in my heart by making the surprisingly moving found-footage cop drama End of Watch and pretty much redeemed himself. Ayer finally proved that he could make a film with upbeat, appealing cop characters, and present an appealing and emotional day-in-the-life type drama using the found-footage form. I called it one of the best films of that year.

Ayer has now returned with Sabotage, the latest Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle, which is – naturally – another violent, action-packed drama about corrupt cops. In terms of production …read more

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