Review: NOAH

By Witney Seibold

Noah ark

Ambitious, daring, and visually awesome (in the old sense of the word), Noah is an amazing and off-the-wall experience that I can’t not recommend.

Darren Aronofsky’s Noah – easily one of the most creative, ambitious, and outright daring Hollywood blockbusters seen in many a year – is a clever, endlessly appealing, and totally bizarre mixture of Biblical sacrament, ballsy historical revisionism, action-packed Lord of the Rings-style fantasy epic, and some further unidentifiable ingredients of Aronofsky’s own psychotropic imagination. This is a Biblical epic that spreads its many muscular arms as far as they can go in every possible direction, and somehow manages to cohere as a solidly entertaining, morally poignant, and largely bonkers fever dream, sprung fully formed from the mind of a hugely talented and perhaps slightly mad auteur.

What other filmmakers in Hollywood would think to make a film like Noah? The Wachowskis, maybe? We have here a visualization of the Noah’s Ark story that incorporates the well-known story beats from Genesis (pairs of animals, etc.), but soups them up into a visually striking and narratively enormous special effects epic that seeks to incorporate, well, the whole of Creation. This is a Biblical epic that eschews the gentle, often dull, …read more

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