By Witney Seibold

Need for Speed bad guy

Movies based on video games are – as is common knowledge at this point – largely dubious affairs. To this day, the golden standards for the genre have been, at least according to scuttlebutt amongst the crew, Paul W.S. Anderson’s 1995 hit Mortal Kombat, followed by perhaps his Resident Evil. I admit that I (amongst a passionate cult of oddballs) have a personal weakness for the clunky weird-fest that was Super Mario Bros., but anyway you slice it, none of those films are stellar examples of the cinematic form. Why doesn’t the video-game-to-movie transition ever properly pass muster? Two reasons: #1: Simple video games (fight games, Mario games) don’t translate well to the more detailed form of the standard Hollywood three-act screenplay. #2: Newer, more complex video games – the kind that take hundreds of hours to complete – have become too elaborate to be reduced into a 90-minute feature.

If you know of a decent obscure anime film based on a video game, just list it in the comments section below.

Have said all that, I can say with confidence that Scott Waugh’s Need for Speed is perhaps the best live-action video game movie made to date. It’s still not very …read more

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