Review: LOCKE

By Witney Seibold

Locke outside

Tom Hardy gives a brilliant performance in this utterly wrenching, low-fi, high-concept indie drama.

Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) is having the worst day of his life. He has just left his construction job, and is expected at home to watch the football match on TV. Only rather than taking his usual route home, he pulls on the highway and just starts driving. While on the road, he begins calling co-workers, colleagues, and even his wife, explaining that he won’t be home tonight, and that the big, big job planned at his construction site tomorrow will have to be delegated to others. He is steely, determined, and in control. But there’s something going on. Why is he driving away with such fervor? Why is he so resolute to leave everything behind?

These questions will indeed be answered in Steven Knight’s Locke, but the answers will not be smooth or cathartic. Indeed, the film entire is ultimately an examination of how weak-willed Locke truly is, despite his smooth capability in handling complex situations. This is a film about the male psyche, and how we men – in spite of ourselves – tend to value control and steely determination over human sensitivity and actually doing …read more

Source: Nerdist



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