Report: FAR CRY 4 Set In The Himalayas, Will Feature Elephant Riding

By Malik Forté


In December of 2012, we were graced with a title that was often referred to as “Skyrim with guns,” more commonly known as Far Cry 3. Now, Eurogamer confirms that Ubisoft will be revealing the sequel, Far Cry 4, at their E3 press conference this June.

According to people familiar with the project, the game will be set in the Himalayas and will feature the most badass feature ever conceived in a shooter game: rideable elephants. Both, Far Cry 3 and the standalone DLC title Blood Dragon were received incredibly well upon release, so I doubt we’ll see the developers changing much in terms of gameplay mechanics outside of fine tuning and improving them for next gen.

Far Cry 4 is reportedly set to release before the end of March 2015 on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. And just when you thought the Ubisoft press event for this year’s E3 couldn’t get any more interesting, as of now, they’re already set to show off The Crew, Tom Clancy’s The Division, and the recently confirmed Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Holy AAA line-up, Mr. Guillemot. More on this as the details emerge.

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