Report: EA Locks Down Rights To TITANFALL 2

By Malik Forté


Non-Xbox owners who foresee themselves missing out on the Titanfall franchise altogether, you just may be in luck. A “reputable source” informed Gamespot that EA has officially secured the rights to the next Titanfall game.

The obvious conclusion that can be drawn from this would be that Titanfall is gearing up to go multiplatform for its next game. Electronic Arts has been known in the past to sell timed exclusivity with their AAA titles (see Mass Effect), so it would be standard procedure if they did decide to drop Titanfall within the Sony and Nintendo war grounds.

You have to wonder if Microsoft will even shell out the money to keep the franchise exclusive to the Xbox and PC platforms. While there aren’t any current Titanfall sales figures for the US, the game has sold quite healthily in the UK, boosting Xbox One unit sales altogether since its release last week. But whether or not the transaction turned out to be a profitable one for EA remains to be seen.

If the rumors are true, do you think EA should stick with Microsoft exclusivity or take Titanfall to multiple platforms? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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