Real Life Horror! Ghost Ship Adrift with Cannibal Rats Onboard

By Clarke Wolfe


If you follow childhood horror maestro R.L. Stine on Twitter you know that he is a fan of sharing “True Horror” tales with his unsuspecting Twitter audience. These are real life things that are absolutely terrifying. Mr. Stine, this one’s for you!


OK, I made up the “murder” part…

The 40-year-old Lyubov Orlova, a cruise ship built in the former Soviet Union, is adrift, and no one seems to be able to find it. Seriously. According to the Daily Record the ship’s “current position is unknown despite several high-level searches.” The U.K. publication went on to say that “[l]ast year satellites picked up an unidentified blip off Scotland large enough to be the ship – but search planes found nothing.” I know what you’re thinking, and yes, the enormous thing that the satellite picked up off the coast of Scotland was probably Nessie and not the abandoned cruise liner…

“Why is this so scary, Clarke? It’s just a ship adrift at sea…” Did I mention that the missing ship is full of disease-carrying cannibal rats that have been feasting on each other to survive and will probably wash ashore in Europe sometime soon? Surprise!

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Source: Nerdist



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