POWERS Television Series Announced For Sony PlayStation

By Eric Diaz


It seems Brian Michael Bendis’ and Michael Avon Oeming’s creator-owned comic series Powers, about noir detectives in a world filled with superheroes, is finally getting its shot at television: According to a report at Deadline, Sony PlayStation will be the latest digital platform to make the attempt at creating original programming, and the first show to roll out will be based on Powers.

The series will be produced by PlayStation corporate sibling Sony Pictures Television, which has been trying to get this comic off the ground as a television series now for years. In fact, a pilot was shot for the FX Network back in 2011, but it was never picked up, and then put back in development hell. Actors were hired and contracted for a season, and then finally let go a year or so later when it looked like FX got cold feet. It is said that the new Playstation version will be an all-new take on the original source material, and the screenwriter for the pilot will be Charlie Huston. Creators Bendis and Oeming will be on board as executive producers, along with Huston and Remi Aubuchon , who produces TNT’s Falling …read more

Source: Nerdist



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