Pickstarter: Save The Home of Anakin Skywalker

By Amy Ratcliffe

mos espa 3

The desert is a brutal environment. Sand, wind, heat – it all combines to create harsh conditions that affect people and structures. Why do you think Obi-Wan got so grizzled in between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope? Besides aging Kenobi, forces of nature are also affecting the set of Mos Espa. The fictional Tatooine location was constructed in the Ong Jmel area of the Tunisia desert. It’s stood in the sands since the release of The Phantom Menace in 1999, but the dunes are encroaching and threatening to swallow the site.

Given that the location is a mecca of sorts for Star Was enthusiasts, it brings a lot of visitors and money into Tunisia. They have a vested interest in keeping sand out of Anakin Skywalker’s home (insert obligatory quote from Anakin about sand here), and they’re turning to fans for assistance. The CDTOS (Tourism Chamber for the Oasis and Sahara regions) has created an Indiegogo campaign asking for $45,000 to preserve the iconic filming site. Doing so can only lead to more videos like the Star Wars Tunisia fan group dancing around in costume to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.”

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