Paul F. Tompkins on SPEAKEASY, Impressions, the Return of POD F. TOMPKAST, and More

By Dan Casey


Paul F. Tompkins is a funny, funny man. This isn’t an opinion; Rather, it’s a statement of fact. Whether he’s delighting audiences with his uniquely off-beat stand-up stylings, hosting political debates with a panel of puppets on No, You Shut Up, appearing on every podcast under the sun (especially Thrilling Adventure Hour and his own), or hosting his alternately hilarious and heartfelt interview show Speakeasy, you can bet your bottom dollar that not only will he entertain the pants right off of you, but he’ll also be better dressed than you, to boot. Now, his series Speakeasy is entering its third season, and I was fortunate enough to catch up with the comic to pick his brain about everything from how the show has evolved over time, the tenuous fate of the critically acclaimed Pod F. Tompkast, what the “H” in H. Jon Benjamin stands for, and other pressing, burning questions. So, sit down, pour yourself a drink and prepare for the unfettered wisdom of Paul F. Tompkins.

Nerdist: Let’s talk about Speakeasy, which is coming back for its third season–very exciting! How’s the response been to the show so far, and how has it evolved since it …read more

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