NBC’s Rebooted American Comedy Awards Announces Nominations, Opens Voting

By Jake Kroeger

After more than a decade of being on hiatus, NBC is bringing back its American Comedy Awards. Though it isn’t the only comedy awards show (Comedy Central has The Comedy Awards), the return of the American Comedy Awards is a blow for comedy as other awards shows seem to have a brings more distinction to comedy as bias against comedy, specifically when it comes to film.

From film to television to stand up to viral videos, NBC seems to have almost all the bases covered with the ACAs, save for, you know, comedy podcasts. This year, This Is The End, Nebraska, Key & Peele., and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are amongst many that got multiple nominations and offer a pretty nice portrait of what happened on comedy on both the big and small screen (or even your computer screen). Sketch duo BriTANick even got a nomination for their video Sexy Pool Party.

NBC is also having the general public weigh in on every category with open online voting, though it’s not clear how much these votes will affect the ultimate outcome. You can see the complete list of nominees below, many of which have been on the Nerdist podcast or You …read more

Source: Nerdist


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