Music Geek Track Of The Week: ‘Let It Go / Let Her Go’ (FROZEN Mashup)

By Becca Gleason

Today is a day to warm hearts.

This mashup was released earlier this week from veteran cover artist Sam Tsui, and it melted me like a snowman at the beach. He beautifully blended “Let It Go,” the hit song from the movie Frozen, and “Let Her Go,” the hit song by Passenger.

This piece just makes you want to FEEL THINGS! ALL OF THE THINGS! Close your eyes and imagine getting hugs by a hundred bunnies! I realize that could be terrifying for some, but soft nonetheless. LET IT GO! Scream it from the top of a mountain! Or at least from your car on your commute home.

The cold never bothered me anyway.

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Source: Nerdist


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