More Lost DOCTOR WHO Episodes May Have Turned Up

By Kyle Anderson

Marco Polo 2

It’s become so prevalent in fandom that it’s become known as “The Ominrumour,” but this weekend at Gallifrey One’s now-compulsory missing episodes panel, it was intimated that the likelihood of there being more of the currently-missing episodes of the 50-year-old sci-fi program is quite high. Not that all of the 97 episodes were found, nor even most, just that it is extremely likely, given the evidence at hand, that SOME of these episodes probably aren’t missing anymore.

To fill people in with a bit of backstory – for years there has been a search through the corners of the globe and the markets where the BBC distributed copies of its programs for episodes of Doctor Who and other programs to be returned to the archive. Last year, it was announced that a man named Philip Morris, who had been spearheading this search in African nations, had recovered a huge stockpile of film canisters, and it was believed that Doctor Who was among them. In October, the news was released that some episodes had been found in this stockpile, and a couple of days later it was announced that nine episodes were recovered, comprising all five missing episodes …read more

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