Mike Phirman’s New Children’s Song Makes ‘Armpits’ More Fun!

By Becca Gleason

One of our favorite musical comedians, Mike Phirman, who you may recognize from his collaboration with Chris Hardwick, Hard and Phirm, or as the one-man orchestra for The Nerdist on BBC America, has blessed us with one of the greatest children’s songs to ever exist… and it’s called “Armpits.”

“Armpits” is the first song from Phirman’s new project, appropriately titled Songs To Sing At Children. The best and weirdest thing about the song, and presumably the album, is how I wish we could see now what the children who listen to this music end up like as adults. Personally, I feel if I had a song like “Armpits” when I was a young lady, I would be a more interesting and charismatic adult.

You can purchase the song on iTunes HERE.

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Source: Nerdist


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