Meet Mark Hamill and George Lucas – Now with 100% More Chris Hardwick!

By Kristen Rutherford

If given the chance, what would you say to the man who changed all of our lives with one film back in 1977?

And while we’re playing the “what if” game – what would you say to the man who played the ultimate mythological hero, Luke Skywalker?

It’s every Star Wars fan’s dream to have such an amazing opportunity, and this prize just keeps getting better.

Donate at least $10, and not only will you have the chance to talk to George Lucas and Mark Hamill, but now The Nerdist himself will join you at Skywalker Ranch. That’s right, Chris Hardwick will be joining the lucky winner of this once in a lifetime Omaze contest.

You’ll meet up with Chris at idyllic Skywalker Ranch, located off Lucas Valley Road in Marin County, CA. (No, it’s not named after George Lucas, but how weird is that coincidence?) Once there, you’ll both get a behind the scenes tour of the ranch, and then meet with George Lucas himself, aka “The Master.”

After that, you’ll fly down to Los Angeles, where you’ll hang out with Mark Hamill at Nerdist Studios.

And what does Chris Hardwick have to say about this whole experience? Just this: “Please …read more

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