Mark Hamill’s Favorite STAR WARS Fan Videos, and How You Can Meet Him

By Kristen Rutherford

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Since 1977 fans have been producing all sorts of Star Wars-inspired homages. Who better to talk about some of his favorites than Mark Hamill? You know? That guy that played Luke Skywalker? That one? Yeah, him. Here:

You know what’s better than watching that video? Actually hanging out with Mark Hamill in person in Los Angeles at Nerdist Studios – maybe even sharing and discussing your own fan favorites. How can you do this? Donate!

If you donate at least $10, you are eligible to win the Omaze contest benefitting the Make-A-Wish foundation!

The winner will meet up with Chris Hardwick at Skywalker Ranch, where you’ll get an exclusive behind the scenes tour. Then you’ll meet George Lucas. Don’t you like how that sentence is so simple, and yet contains such a BIG FREAKOUT AMAZING EXPERIENCE? After that, you’ll fly down to Los Angeles, where you’ll get a chance to hang out with Mark Hamill over at Nerdist Studios.

So what are you waiting for? $10 can help a child, and can also possibly win you the experience of a lifetime.

Meanwhile, what’s your favorite Star Wars fan-made video? Let us know below….

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