Loki Dons The Captain America Suit

By Merrill Barr

After smashing box office expectation and easily surpassing its predecessor in overall reception, Thor: The Dark World must now face its newest challenge: home video. Of course, like always, Marvel’s planning another great Blu-ray release, and thanks to Empire Magazine, today we get a glimpse behind the scenes of one of the film’s most memorable moments.

In a surprising cameo during the second act, Chris Evans appears as Loki impersonating Steve Rogers in uniform to annoy his hammer wielding brother, Thor. What’s interesting about the scene’s logistics is Chris Evans was never actually on set due to scheduling conflicts. Normally, that wouldn’t be too newsworthy, but what makes this clip cool is the extent to which Tom Hiddleston went to double his Avengers co-star.

Surely there are many reasons Hiddleston was put into the costume: lighting, color… but one could probably put decent money on it being because he wanted to try it on. Honestly, if you were Hiddleston, wouldn’t you do the same (and probably steal the costume)? So now that we know what everyone’s favorite MCU villain looks like in Cap gear, one must now wonder how Cap would rock a magical staff and green armor. Hmmm.

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Source: Nerdist


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