Lex Luthor Joins THE JUSTICE LEAGUE In April, And He’s Bringing Friends

By Eric Diaz


DC said there would be big changes coming out of the events of Forever Evil, and they weren’t kidding. In April, the Justice League gets a little bit darker when Lex Luthor joins the team, as does Flash villain Captain Cold. Both have been fighting the good fight against the Crime Syndicate of America, the evil counterparts to the Justice League from Earth-3 who have invaded the main DCU Earth and exiled the League, leaving the villains to save the day.

The cover for Justice League #30 shows Lex front and center, backed by remaining Leaguers Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Shazam, and new member Captain Cold. Nowhere to be seen are Superman and the Flash, who probably want nothing to do with a team that harbors their two arch foes. Also missing is Green Lantern, who might just be showing some loyalty to his BFF the Flash. “Is he (Luthor) going to lead the Justice League? It depends on whom you ask on the team. Certainly, he thinks he should,” according to series writer Geoff Johns, who said the Justice League will have to rebuild its reputation and its dynamic among the membership of the team. “The …read more

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