Learning the Billy Madison Way — Sexistly

By Kyle Anderson

In 1995′s Billy Madison, Adam Sandler’s first big screen hit, a big dumb dummy named Billy Madison needs to complete grades 1-12 in 24 weeks in order to prove to his wealthy businessman father that he can be responsible enough to run a Fortune 500 company. It proves difficult for the idiot manchild and one of the ways he attempts to learn is for his hot girlfriend (who was mere weeks ago his 3rd grade teacher) to quiz him and if he gets the questions right, she’ll remove articles of clothing. Ha ha, because he likes naked women and he’s dumb otherwise. Charming.

Well, it only took 19 years, but a YouTube channel called Code Babes is taking this concept and actually making it a thing. Evidently, a lot of people who try to code have a very hard time with all of the intricate ins, outs, and what-have-yous involved. So on this channel, using a “Pavlov’s dog on crack” technique, the lessons are taught to us lizard-brained male idiots, who still want to know how to use HTML, using attractive women in revealing outfits that apparently get more revealing the more correct you are. Have a look at …read more

Source: Nerdist


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