Joshua Hale Fialkov Talks SKYMAN, Project Black Sky, DOCTOR WHO, and More

By Dan Casey


From the post-apocalyptic paranoia of The Bunker to the time-spanning sagas of Doctor Who to the superheroic script-flipping of Skyman, Joshua Hale Fialkov is proving himself to be one of the most dynamic, compelling writers in comics. His wildly inventive take on familiar tropes and deft handling of dialogue makes his stories a joy to read. Today sees the release of Skyman #3, one of the flagship titles in Dark Horse’s recently revived Project Black Sky universe, which encompasses Captain Midnight, Ghost, and X, among others. Recently, I caught up with Fialkov over e-mail to pick his brain about relaunching Project Black Sky, helping to architect a shared universe, potentially returning to Doctor Who, and more.

Nerdist: Walk us through Project Black Sky a bit. I understand there’s a shared universe between Skyman and the other books in the line, but just how interconnected are they really? How much coordination is there with your fellow PBS writers?

Joshua Hale Fialkov: I think the idea is to make each of the book enhance the others without forcing readers to read them all. You can certainly understand Skyman without an intimate knowledge of all the other books, but there’s a lot of …read more

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