Jason Reitman’s LIVE READ Returns With Groundhog Day

By Brian Walton


For those uninitiated folk who have not yet heard of Jason Reitman’s Live Read at LACMA, please allow me to be the first to tell you it is perhaps the most entertaining evening out you can have. The simple conceit behind the evening is that director Reitman puts together a talented group of actors who cold-read a famous screenplay. Past Live Reads have included Ghostbusters featuring Seth Rogen, Jack Black, and Rainn Wilson, The Princess Bride with Mindy Kaling and Patton Oswalt, and Reservoir Dogs with an African American cast. In a distraction-rich town like Los Angeles, Live Read stands out as being the rare opportunity to relish a film you love while experiencing it in a completely new and novel way.

For the return of another season of Live Read, Reitman selected Groundhog Day in honor of the late Harold Ramis. Ramis had collaborated with Jason’s father Ivan Reitman on five films, including Animal House, Stripes, and both Ghostbusters movies. In recalling Ramis’ thoughts on Groundhog Day, Jason said that Ramis was surprised that people connected with the film. According to Reitman, Groundhog Day was the most personal film that the writer-director had made, but would also go on to …read more

Source: Nerdist


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