How PERSON OF INTEREST’s Bleak Near-Future Became Our Reality

By Brian Walton


The digital world is so interconnected that the phone in my pocket can now play the movie on my TV. Our devices and lives are dependent on the hum and whir of technology and being able to tap into the larger world around us. As this digital world grows, it begins to encompass our work, entertainment, homes, and our security. The military, police and federal justice system are online too. Everything is wired.

With the amount of data that can now be collected about a human being, predictive patterns can emerge. Audi unveiled a car at the Detroit Auto Show this week that could measurably predict when a parking spot was going to open up on a busy street. We are there. So what would happen if someone came up with the right algorithm to connect all the data and predict when a major terror incident would occur? What if it predicted every violent crime? Would it be abused? What if the Machine processed that data and didn’t like what it saw? That’s the crux of Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman’s Person of Interest, which is currently in its third season on CBS.

The show follows the partnership of technologist …read more

Source: Nerdist


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