Get Ready for the INFINITE CRISIS Open Beta with Lead Designer Ryan Bednar

By Dan Casey

If the massive cash purses, e-sports tournaments, and ravenous fan bases surrounding games like League of Legends and Dota 2 are any indication, MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arenas) are the new genre du jour for competitive multiplayer gaming. So, when DC first announced it was entering the MOBA arena (pun intended) with Infinite Crisis, it seemed like a natural fit. After months of carrot-dangling and wishful thinking, the open beta is finally upon us, and there’s a brand new CG trailer to boot, with some of the DCU’s finest heroes kicking ass and taking names. To help give you a sense of what you’ll be in for when the beta kicks off this weekend, I caught up with Infinite Crisis lead designer Ryan Bednar to pick his brain over what they hope to get out of the beta, what players can expect, and whether he had any pro tips to help you step up your game.

Nerdist: You’re about to enter open beta. What have you learned from closed betas, and what are you hoping that this open beta will tell you about the game?

Ryan Bednar: All data is good …read more

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