Geeking Out over SALEM’s Seriously Cool Sets and Behind-The-Scenes

By Alicia Lutes


For a native New Englander, it feels sacrilege that the village of Salem never really held my attention during those field trips as a wee bairn, especially taking into consideration your author’s teenaged goth phase (my obsession with The Craft was real, you guys). Still, burning people at the stakes, mass hysteria, plagues and other terrible illnesses, and all that Puritanical stuff didn’t really appeal. It just sounded like a real bummertown. But teenaged fascination with witchcraft sent me down a path where there was, at least, an appreciation of the witchy worries of the people of Salem, which is at least partially why I ended up agreeing to head to the set of the new horror-drama TV show Salem in the first place. Once a teen witch, always a teen witch.

Fast forward a few years to March of this year. I’m standing in the middle of a replica of Salem village, getting strapped into the stockades, and l-o-v-i-n-g it. Not because I enjoy mocking the trials and tribulations of the dead, but because the Salem found in Shreveport, Louisiana — home of the televised take on the town on WGN America’s Salem — is a …read more

Source: Nerdist


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