Garth Ennis Talks BATTLE CLASSICS, War Comics and More

By Dan Casey


When it comes to comic books, many people tend to first think of the largely American creations of companies like Marvel and DC Comics. Having helped spearhead the popular comics movement as we know it today, their global popularity is commensurate to their impact on the industry as a whole. Yet, while comic books have a rich history in the United States, they are also a global medium, and in the case of the British comics industry, two anthology-style magazines stand out from the crowd thanks to the sheer creativity, groundbreaking storytelling, and effect they’ve had on a generation of British writers: 2000 AD and Battle.

Many of you are likely familiar with the former, as it has given us memorable titles like Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, and ABC Warriors, but equally important is a little book called Battle Picture Weekly, a weekly war comics anthology published from 1975 to 1988. Better known to fans as Battle, the magazine consisted of World War II-era war comics like HMS Nightshade, Darkie’s Mob, Johnny Red, and Rat Pack, and a letters section that encouraged readers to send in tales of their relatives’ WWI and WWII exploits. More importantly, it caught the eye of …read more

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