Game Changer: The OCULUS RIFT Is Officially Badass

By Malik Forté


tl;dr Summary: I was never impressed by the Oculus, but after experiencing the recent improvements that the gadget has undergone, I can boldly say that this is shaping up to be more than just another game peripheral!

I’ve always been extremely pessimistic in regard to virtual reality. It all started watching this sex scene in the movie Demolition Man between Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone, in which they strapped on these goofy VR headpieces in order to make love to one another. Man, that was bollocks if there ever was such a thing. The intermingling of body parts is a pretty awesome thing, isn’t it? Why on earth would anyone trade the good ole “bump and grind” for an artificial frolic fest instituted by a clunky head contraption?

I carried similar incredulity towards VR over to my gaming experiences leading up to now, and even after several run-ins with the Oculus Rift since it first surfaced on the gaming scene back in 2012, I had never left any of the demonstrations excited about it. Can you blame me for my skepticism? I was around during the age of Virtual Boy, arguably the most notable failed attempt at home …read more

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