Gal Gadot Flexes Her WONDER WOMAN Workout Progress In Photo

By Malik Forté


Hot damn! For anyone worried that Gal Gadot wouldn’t take her casting as Wonder Woman seriously, allow her to flex your current outlook on her determination. Today she posted a progress shot of her marvelous (yes I said “marvel”, I went there) physique after what she described as a “good workout in the morning.” Take a look at her fabulous bicep toning thus far:

Well, all right, then, Ms. Gadot, not too shabby. She’s not quite there yet, but of course, change doesn’t happen overnight. Gadot has been engaged in an extreme training regimen consisting of Kung Fu, kickboxing, swords, jujutsu, and Brazilian, all in order to prepare for her role as Wonder Woman. Given that Superman-Batman is delayed into 2016, I’d imagine she’d be nice and buffed up well in time for the movie’s shooting.

Even if you were one of the folks who wasn’t too fond of her choosing, you have to at least give her credit for busting her ass to don the garments of the Amazon Princess. You go, girlfriend!

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