Exclusive: John Leguizamo Talks CHEF, GHETTO KLOWN & More

By Brian Walton


John Leguizamo is an institution in Hollywood. He has worked with almost everyone you’d dream to work with. He’s maintained a creative vision for himself that few artists are able to hold onto for as long as he has, and to this day he has been an outspoken and unique voice for millions of Americans who feel ill-represented by anyone else. Leguizamo’s one-man shows have been an incredible triumph in showing how you can craft your life and experience into an accessible, relatable piece of entertaining art. He returns to those shows tonight in the HBO special Ghetto Klown.

We caught up to John at SXSW. His new film Chef premiered the night before and is getting some very strong reactions from audiences and critics alike. The actor is working a lot lately; Michele spoke to him last year for his role in Kick-Ass 2 and he hasn’t slowed down since: “I give it everything I have. I give it 1000%. Especially Ghetto Klown now. The life and career paradigm, nobody was able to do it before successfully and it took me eight years to break it. It was hard, it almost broke me.”

That paradigm isn’t just in reference …read more

Source: Nerdist


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