EARTH 2 Annual #2 SPOILER Review

By Eric Diaz


Since it came out nearly two years ago, DC’s Earth 2 has been one of the highlights of the New 52 initiative. While all the other books have (more or less) kept the basics of the classic DCU, just making everyone younger, less married, and with too much silly piping in their costumes, the addition of Earth 2 created a space for a true reboot, giving DC a blank slate on an alternate Earth to truly play and tweak their characters and history. On the new Earth-2, Batman married Catwoman and had a daughter who was his Robin, Superman had a better costume than his main Earth counterpart, and Wonder Woman was the Earth’s first superhero. And all three of the trinity died saving their Earth from Darkseid, leaving a whole new generation of heroes to pick up the baton.

What’s been interesting is that the new younger heroes have been reinventions of the classic Justice Society of America heroes from World War II, presented as new younger characters. The original JSA characters had been portrayed as gray haired senior citizens since long before I was born, and almost none of the current comics-reading public had ever read stories about the …read more

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