Disney’s THE PIRATE FAIRY: One Step Closer to STEM Fairies?

By Kristen Rutherford


Disney princesses are everywhere, and the toy aisle is super saturated with their altered visages. (I’m not including Anna & Elsa in this group – they’ve yet to go through the princess machine.)

Meanwhile, lurking in a straight to DVD purgatory are the Disney Fairies. Why? I just don’t get it. The Tinker Bell movies are great, and I’ve long been arguing that Tinker Bell, with her “tinkering” talent, teaches kids that it’s cool to be an engineer. And now with the introduction of Zarina, a/k/a “The Pirate Fairy,” it feels like we’re actually getting closer to STEM talent fairies.

The Tinker Bell movies take place in the world of “Peter Pan” – the fairies are denizens of Neverland, and reside in Pixie Hollow. Each fairy has their own “talent” that helps keep things moving along in Pixie Hollow, as well as the rest of the world. In other words, they a) have JOBS and b) have to work together to make things happen, like, the seasons that we mortals on the “Mainland” count on. In the middle of Pixie Hollow is the Pixie Dust Tree, from which, you guessed it, flows the pixie dust that the fairies …read more

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