DICE: What’s Happening with the EVE ONLINE TV Series?

By Dan Casey

Does hearing tales of corporate intrigue, interstellar combat, and space pirates get your blood pumping? Well, you’re in luck, because CCP Games CEO Hillmar Veigar Petursson gave Variety an update about the hotly anticipated EVE Online television series at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas. First announced nearly a year ago, CCP Games is slowly but surely plugging away on the project, meeting with TV networks and studio executives to find a producing partner for the series and its potential offshoots. Although 2 Guns director Baltasar Kormakur is attached to develop the project, Petursson assures fans that, “We would rather do it well than in a hurry”

Boasting a player base of over 500,000, EVE Online has been a stalwart in the headlines as of late, especially after news broke of a sprawling space battle that wound up destroying $300,000 worth of virtual ships. That’s 300,000 real dollars, eviscerated in an instant — put that in your in-app purchase pipe and smoke it. Once you add in companion shooter Dust 514, the player count rises to a staggering 900,000. Not bad for a game that came out in 2003, huh? With figures like those, it’s …read more

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