By Eric Diaz


Fans who were bummed out at the recent cancellation of long standing DC ongoing series Teen Titans and Suicide Squad, whose current series both end this month with issue #30, won’t have to wait much longer for their return. DC has announced that both books re-launch in July with brand new #1 issues and all-new creative teams.

First announced is Teen Titans, which is now being written by Will Pfeifer (Catwoman, Aquaman) with art by Kenneth Rocafort (Superman,Red Hood & The Outlaws.) Former Teen Titans writer Scott Lobdell will return to Red Hood & the Outlaws later that same month. The new line-up seems like a mash-up of the previous New 52 version (Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Bunker) with a little bit of the New Teen Titans/animated series characters (Beast Boy, Raven) thrown in for good measure. No sign of Superboy or Kid Flash from the previous team, although Pfeifer says, in talking with Newsarama, “something is in the works to possibly expand the cast with a member of the Superman and/or the Flash family.” Personally, I was hoping to have Starfire and Cyborg as the team’s slightly older mentors, if only to have those core Titans …read more

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