David Tennant Lends His Silky Smooth Vocals To KINECT SPORTS RIVALS

By Malik Forté

After many fresh pairs of Chuck Taylors and a couple of “I don’t want to go” implications later, David Tennant is back in action working on… a video game? You betcha! The Tenth Doctor himself will regenerate in Kinect Sports Rivals next month as what he calls “the voice of God.”

Here’s Tennant himself on his rookie outing as a video game voice actor:

I’ll be the first to admit that I was barely interested in this game before finding out about Tennant’s role in it. You have to give Microsoft credit for their crafty use of provocative voice work in their products — their recent implementation of Cortana into Windows Phone 8.1 has made quite the buzz across the web. And if anything could sell a lightly-marketed Kinect 2.0 game, it’d have to be Gallifrey’s own, right? Good move, Microsoft!

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