Dave Filoni Discusses STAR WARS REBELS

By Amy Ratcliffe

rebels - kanan

Dave Filoni attended WonderCon for the Star Wars Rebels panel, and the executive producer sat down with Nerdist for an in-depth discussion about the upcoming animated series. Rebels focuses on the crew of a spaceship called Ghost; the ragtag bunch includes a droid, a Force-sensitive kid, a Jedi, a Twi’lek pilot, an artistic Mandalorian, and a big purple Lasat called Zeb. Filoni talks about the diverse ensemble cast and the challenges of appealing to new and old fans of Star Wars, and he also dropped a couple exclusive tidbits about the effects on the show and more details about the show’s villain, the Inquisitor.

NERDIST: One thing I am very much looking forward to in Rebels is that we have a group that’s diverse not only in gender but in age and race. Was that a very conscious decision going in or was it more, “we wrote good characters and this is what worked out?”

DAVE FILONI: A little bit of both. You look around at what’s been done, and there are a lot of characters that exist of a certain color, certain personality, and a certain age. You go, “We don’t want to be just Luke Skywalker again. We …read more

Source: Nerdist


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